ASMP: Family Violence as a Workplace Issue

11.pngJoin us for a discussion about Family Violence As A Workplace Issue and the particular challenges presented by the Covid19 pandemic.

Rapid changes to working conditions for most workers over the past months have resulted in many challenges and  new stressors as we adjust to new systems of work in our workplaces or having to learn how to work from home.  At the same time, schools have closed across the state of Victoria and in many households at least one worker has lost their employment as a result of the Covid19 pandemic shutdowns. 

Working from home may present particular challenges for those whose home life also includes family violence. In this workshop we will explore how family violence comes to work generally and what this looks like in our current context.

In this workshop you will:

- understand what family violence looks like in the workplace and legal definitions of family violence

- briefly explore the drivers of family violence

- look at family violence from a work health safety and industrial framework

- learn what to do if someone discloses family violence to you

- explore the ways in which we can ensure the rights and safety of all workers in relation to family violence


October 22, 2020 at 10:30am - 12:30pm


Online - Zoom


Pia Cerveri ·


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