Historic Equal Pay win for New Zealand



Historic day For Equal Pay Settlement.

“This settlement will make a real difference to our members.  Our members in home support and disability support play a vital role in empowering people to live independent lives in their own communities. This settlement recognises the value of the work they do – and the people they support.”-- Erin Polaczuk, PSA National Secretary

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Roy Morgan discriminates against new mum

Returning to your job after having a baby is difficult enough without your employer putting unlawful barriers in your way.

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Policy stripped bare: Parental Leave and family tax benefits

The government continues with their policy of stripping women of any top up payments for paid parental leave from their employer.  This means that 80 000 new mums each year will need to make the choice between staying at home to care and returning to work to financially support their family.


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Policy stripped bare: Retirement

Right now, many women are living their final years in poverty.  Women make up more than half of Australia’s aged pensioners.  Also women have less superannuation than men because of them being excluded from superannuation historically and because of interrupted work patterns due to time out to care for families.

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Policy stripped bare: Community Legal Services

Community legal centres provide vital services to women escaping family violence, but they are being stripped of their funding under Malcolm Turnbull's Government.

Every year, 160,000 people who need help, including thousands of women affected by family violence, are denied the legal services and support they need because of inadequate funding. The system is broken, and the dedicated people providing community legal services are powerless to fix it. They simply need more resources.

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