Policy stripped bare: Community Legal Services

Community legal centres provide vital services to women escaping family violence, but they are being stripped of their funding under Malcolm Turnbull's Government.

Every year, 160,000 people who need help, including thousands of women affected by family violence, are denied the legal services and support they need because of inadequate funding. The system is broken, and the dedicated people providing community legal services are powerless to fix it. They simply need more resources.

bare_6x45.jpgBut Malcolm Turnbull's Government will cut $35 million from Community Legal Services between 2017-2020, meaning even more women will be turned away from the help they need.

In addition, Commonwealth funding for Working Women’s Services in Queensland, South Australian and the Northern Territory, will end on 30 June 2016.   This represents a cut of $ 1,133,000.  These services have existed under governments of all persuasions in the past, providing vital information and assistance to women who have no means or capacity to seek advice elsewhere.

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