Policy stripped bare: Parental Leave and family tax benefits

The government continues with their policy of stripping women of any top up payments for paid parental leave from their employer.  This means that 80 000 new mums each year will need to make the choice between staying at home to care and returning to work to financially support their family.



Many families have planned on being able to take the 18weeks government funded PPL and extend their parental leave using the leave entitlements that they have negotiated with their employer.  This would get families closer to the 26weeks of parental care that is internationally recognised as the minimum standard to promote the health of the mother and the developmental needs of newborns.

This government, under Tony Abbott, came into power on the back of significant promises to make comprehensive parental leave a reality.  They have reneged on every promise.

Low income families receive a double hit as a result of substantial cuts to Family Tax Benefits including cuts of

  • $1700 per year for single parents with children over 13
  • $726 per child per annum (FTB-A) and $354 per child per annum (FTB-B) by phasing out end of year supplements
  • Up to $3000 -$5000 per annum by abolishing the School Kids Bonus

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