Stop Gendered Violence at Work Workshop


To make employers and WorkSafe fulfill their legal duty to keep all workers safe and stop gendered violence at work, it's going to take us demanding that they take action and giving them the tools to do it. 

Join us at our Stop Gendered Violence Workshop where together we will create a gendered violence clause that we can use to make employers take action to stop gendered violence from injuring us at work.  

Creating a gendered violence clause and getting it into workplace agreements means that workers will have real protections and rights that we can use to make employers take our safety seriously. 

A massive 64% of Victorian women have been injured by gendered violence at work. 

Somewhere across Victoria, right now, there is a woman being injured by gendered violence at work. We need to take action now - if we don't employers and WorkSafe will keep getting away with shirking their responsibility and we will keep being injured.

We've already stood up to ElementFive, a building company who allowed one of their Site Managers to perpetrate gendered violence against a woman with no consequences. We've rallied outside WorkSafe to demand that they listen to us. And it's working - WorkSafe and employers are responding! 

So now it's time for us to ramp it up and keep the pressure on!

October 04, 2017 at 5:30pm - 7pm
Victorian Trades Hall
54 Victoria Street Carlton
Melbourne, Vic 3053
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Connor Borchard-Burns · · 96 593 537

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