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We've rallied, now it's time to organise. We know there are some big fights that need to be won. As union women we know how to stand together. The system is not working for us, we need change - in our workplaces, in our working lives and in the national conversation that does not respect, value or support our labour.


March 24, 2021 at 6:30pm - 7:30pm




Daria Healy-Aarons ·


Rondah Rietveld Janine Webb Alysha Genn Sarah Rivilla S G Laura Birch Elena Akamok Christina Hotka kerry levier Emma Gerdtz Jenny Dukic Carol Saunders Susanne Provis Olivia Blackney Erin Klose Giang Pham Kellie Grayson Laura Blandthorn Megan Adams Meredith Kefford Miranda Darrer Lynne Bourke-Finn Bianca Gibson Danielle Loughnan Hiba Casablanca Dionne Hindell Sonnia Castro Kym Wallace Caitlin Brown Kate McIntosh Sonia Srinivasan Daniella Gilroy Kylie Grey Rebecca Kent-Money India Baxter Fiona Herman Luz Bland Deb Gunn Lauren Meath Aimee Hulbert Kate Crossin June Cozens Gail Drummond Zeta Henderson Courtney Newman Daniela Correa Catherine Birch Sara Brocklesby

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