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We've rallied, now it's time to organise. We know there are some big fights that need to be won. As union women we know how to stand together. The system is not working for us, we need change - in our workplaces, in our working lives and in the national conversation that does not respect, value or support our labour.


March 25, 2021 at 12:30pm - 1:30pm




Daria Healy-Aarons ·


Belinda Thalakada Nicole McPherson Cheryl Mann Kerry Green Sarah Hathaway yasmine sharaf Laura Blandthorn Silvia Tejedor Emma Gerdtz Amanda Mastalerz Edwina Preston Samantha Bond Julie mcqueen Lyndal Alston Maureen Leverett Brenda Mason Jenny Macmillan Madeline Macriyiannis Adelle Bartholomew Eleanor Ferguson Hiba Salem Sue Van Der Wiel Cara Nightingale Fiona Adams Tria Manley Adrian Lea Kym Wallace Deidre Jewers Kate McIntosh Georgia Charleston Sonia Srinivasan Kate Marshall Louise Jarman Rowena Matcott Mary Donaghy Jiselle Hanna Elizabeth doidge Lara Jeffery Lauren Meath Marg D'Arcy Lily Chalmers Courtney Newman Sophie Arabi Jan Cossar Catherine Birch Lj Kelly Katrina Bicket Roxane Ingleton

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