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We've rallied, now it's time to organise. We know there are some big fights that need to be won. As union women we know how to stand together. The system is not working for us, we need change - in our workplaces, in our working lives and in the national conversation that does not respect, value or support our labour.


March 27, 2021 at 2:00pm - 3pm




Daria Healy-Aarons ·


Janine Webb Beth Jabornik Elspeth Blunt Fae Morgan Linda Sunderland Audrey McCarthy Barbara Smith Judy Frazer Marriette Welter Maryanne Scholz Margaret Francese Jane Johnson Arnett Georgia Dixon Sharmila Kaul Jo-Ann Giovannoni Sarah Khaw Romina Beitseen Lisa Heap Tess Gilfedder Kate Dunnk Geraldine Valentine Jenny James Shannon Keebaugh Kym Wallace Kate McIntosh Sonia Srinivasan Rebecca Kent-Money Lauren Meath Robyn Donoghue Courtney Newman Kelly Court Catherine Birch Tania Cherrington Pamela Anderson Mischa Barr Jade Zigenbine Anna Van Tatenhove Michelle Giovas Emma Bagg Melissa Brown Deborah Blake Rachel Lynskey Jacqui Scott

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