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Together we will stop gendered violence at work

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Gendered Violence is actions and behaviours which express power inequalities between women and men and cause physical, sexual, psychological or economic harm to women.

Gendered violence is violence perpetrated against women because they are women.  It also includes violence perpetuated against those who do not conform to dominant gender stereotypes or those who don’t conform to socially accepted gender roles.

Gendered Violence at Work

The gendered violence that women face in the workplace can include but is not limited to:

  • Stalking and intimidation 
  • Threats and verbal abuse
  • Ostracism 
  • Rude gestures and put downs
  • offensive language and imagery
  • Sexual innuendo / insinuations
  • sexual suggestions and/or unwanted advances
  • Sexual assault
  • Rape

 Gendered violence is like a disease in our workplaces. Working women's experience of violence at work indicates that the problem of gendered violence is endemic in our workplaces.


The causes of gendered violence in the workplace are gender inequality and sexist workplace cultures.

The Impact of gendered violence at work

Gendered violence at work is a serious OHS issue which causes significant physical and psychological injury to women workers. 

Women sustain serious injury and illness arising from gendered violence at work including PTSD, depression, anxiety, lack of self-worth and confidence, and physical injuries. Gendered violence also impacts on women’s careers and their economic security. Many women leave secure employment and careers in order to remove themselves from risk and harm where employers and unions fail to address gendered violence.

Gendered Violence at work doesn’t just impact the women who experience it, gendered violence affects all women in a workplace by perpetuating a culture of sexism and inequality. 

Taking Action to End Gendered Violence at Work

Gendered Violence is preventable and can be eliminated in our workplaces. We are committed to recognising gendered violence for the serious health and safety issue it is, and eliminating gendered violence at work. Together we will make workplaces safe for all working people. 

If you would like to find out more about gendered violence at work download our Stop Gendered Violence at Work report.


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