Cabaret Doublebill - WIRE Fundraiser shows


Celebrate women’s resilience and resourcefulness this International Women’s Day with a double dose of delightful, delectable, and sometimes dark but never dreary cabaret –  presented by WIRE and NY Entertainment. 

Ich Bin Ein Belinda

A dark yet hilarious look at the different “parts” that make up a person’s whole personality. Belinda Hanne Reid (winner of the 2014 Melbourne Broadway Unplugged Project X Competition) puts on a gleefully introspective and deliciously sexy show.

Serving up her psyche for our consumption, raw and uncensored, Belinda takes us on a sideshow roller coaster ride through the freakshow that we all have living in our heads. 

These things take wine.

Natasha York tells her stories of misadventure while under the influence – from pre-drinks to police encounters, chicken nuggets in bras, hijacking buskers, and everything in between to show us why we should celebrate – and not wine about our drunken experiences.

Fighting off the “Party Girl Gone Bad” title can be difficult, so York seeks to find out why we each share such a special relationship with our beloved vino through the good and the bad. Musically directed by Daniele Buatti, the duo are pouring with new arrangements from artists best enjoyed with wine including Nancy Sinatra, Amy Winehouse and Nina Simone.

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All funds raised are donated to WIRE Women’s Information and Referral Exchange. WIRE gratefully thanks Natasha York from NY Entertainment, WIRE board member Lori Boys, actors Belinda Hanne Reid and Natasha York, and Robert Taylor for the free venue Dr Sugar.


March 10, 2016 at 7:00pm - 10pm


Dr Sugar
48 Clifton St Prahan
Melbourne 3181
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