Two thirds of women who suffer from family violence are in paid work. Staying in paid work is a critical factor in women maintaining financial independence and escaping family violence.

Family Violence is a workplace issue and we work to campaign for recognition of this and support at work for workers who are experiencing family violence. 

VTHC’s strategy involves

  • Development of resources for unions, union delegates and employer contact people to help better understand the issues
  • Work with unions to expand the roll out of Family Violence Leave Clause through delivery of advocacy training
  • In collaboration with experts, recognised peak bodies and service bodies, develop a suite of training packages and resources for unions, union delegates and employers to support the implementation of Family Violence Clauses in workplaces.
  • Continual monitoring the uptake of the Family Violence Leave Clause, build and maintain a database around this
  • Push for changes to laws to protect workers who disclose they are experiencing family violence from discrimination or adverse action.