What’s your Feminist agenda?

WRAW (Women’s Rights at Work) Chat is an opportunity to gather a group of work mates, your book club, mothers group, or roller derby team, and discuss what's not working for us as women at work.

The purpose of a WRAW Chat is to:

  1. guide you in developing an agenda for change at work
  2. inform campaigns and policy for our movement so we’re taking action on the issues that matter

Come together with other women across Victoria and be part of the conversation. What you say will feed directly into our Platform for Action.  

The great thing about WRAW Chat is there are a few ways you can get involved.

Hold a WRAW Chat!

Get together with your sisters and hold a WRAW Chat. How you Ask? Sign up here and we will send you a WRAW Chat kit.

The kit can be used by anyone to facilitate a WRAW Chat and has everything you need. It’s a step by step series of fun, simple activities designed to identify the challenges we face as women at work.

WRAW Chat Online Survey

Share your experiences of work, the challenges you face and your ideas for change. Follow the link below to complete the WRAW Chat survey.

The survey asks about your experiences at work, and will inform our efforts to make Victorian workplaces safe and fair for women workers.

Together we will develop an agenda for change and take action on real issues that affect us at work!

Click the button below to begin the survey!